Thorbjorn boat and bucket set

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Item number: 4803
Private Label option: Yes
Age group 2+ years
Recommended age group for this toy is 2+ years.
Net wrapping
This toy is packed in nets.
Develops fine motor skills
Recommended for developing fine motor skills
Promotes interaction
Recommended for promoting interaction between children and adults
Physical Development
Recommended for physical skill development
Builds confidence
Recommended for building confidence
Dishwasher safe
This toy is dishwasher safe.
Spurs Imagination
Recommended for stimulating imagination
Strengthens social skills
Recommended for developing social skills
Hand-eye coordination
Recommended for improving hand-eye coordination



A perfect little set with a shovel, rake, bucket, and our new cute and cool boat. The set invites hours of play alone and in interaction with others, strengthening imagination and role play.

It is ideal to take the boats outside in puddles, to the beach, or even create a small lake in the sandbox where they can float around. The boat set is Danish-produced toys from dantoy made of Swan-labeled plastic.

Number of pieces in the set: 4 The boat set from Thorbjorn provides ample opportunity for sensory play and exploration in nature with sand and water, where the boats can go on a sailing trip.


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