Blue Marine Toys

Here you will find our toys made from old maritime equipment. 100% recycled material transformed into toys inspired by sand, water, and corals.

Blue Marine Toys

An exciting line made from maritime equipment transformed into sand and water toys in vibrant clear colors. The products are made from plastic sourced from nets, trawls, and ropes from the fishing industry. The series has a product composition that can be seen as small parts of a story. Nets resembling fishing nets, a mill where the sand goes through multiple processes - just like when the plastic materials are carefully sorted, trucks transporting the maritime equipment, and boats coming from the seas.

A circular recycling principle

The series is produced from materials created for a completely different purpose. In this case, it is maritime equipment for the fishing industry. The material is recycled in the development of new products - namely a new toy series made from 100% recycled materials.

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