In this category you will find everything from small cars to large trucks and wheelbarrows. Playing with cars invites role-playing games, which are important in children's social development.

Toy cars from dantoy

Toy cars for children are among the things that stimulate the child's imagination. When the child drives the toy car around on the floor and makes sounds like a motor and moves back and forth, the child is telling a story. This story can develop and thus challenge the child's imagination.

Toys play a big role in the child's development, including fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, imagination, and the ability to build a game. Fine motor skills are strengthened, for example, when the dantoy tractor's grab is lifted up and down or when the dantoy truck's load is raised and lowered when transporting sand from one sandbox to another.

Hand-eye coordination is also strengthened when the child uses the dantoy vehicles, as many of them have a function. Either the tractor's grab can be lifted up and down or the truck's load can be raised and lowered. The wheels can turn both forward and backward, and some of the vehicles have rubber wheels instead of plastic wheels, which make less noise when driving on tiles or wooden floors.

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