Thorbjorn Bucket set

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Item number: 4802
Private Label option: Yes
Age group 2+ years
Recommended age group for this toy is 2+ years.
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Thorbjorn’s delightful bucket set contains a bucket, a sieve, ice cream cones and other essentials for homemade ice cream. This set provides rich possibilities for sensory play and exploration of nature, especially when forming sand into the rounded scoops of “ice cream” Thorbjorn loves so much. The ice cream set is a Danish-made toy from dantoy, crafted from Nordic Eco-labelled plastic. The set consists of 8 parts in soothing Thorbjorn colours and is available in 3 different shades: green, blue and pink. This product is recommended for children aged 2+ years. Number of pieces in the set: 8 Thorbjorn’s bucket set is perfect for the sandbox or beach trip – Invite everybody in Frosty Town for refreshing ice cream and experience the magic of Thorbjorn’s imaginary universe.  


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