For My Little Princess Sailboats

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Item number: 4490
Private Label option: Yes
Age group 2+ years
Recommended age group for this toy is 2+ years.
Nordic Ecolabel
This toy is Nordic Eco-labelled.
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You can decorate these My Little Princess boats in any way you like with the accompany stickers. Play at being a viking, a pirate, or anything you wish. With a little help, any child can assemble, sail and decorate the boats. Sail away on endless adventures with these adorable little boats. This set of boats will appeal to every child – playing alone or in a group, these toys stimulate the imagination and encourage role-playing. These little boats are perfect for puddles, the beach or your very own pond in the sandbox where they can sail around with a fresh wind in their sails. This boat set is a Danish-made toy from dantoy, crafted from Nordic Eco-labelled plastic. The set consists of 3 boats with sails in various My Little Princess colours. This product is recommended for children aged 2+ years. Number of pieces in the set: 3 This My Little Princess boat set opens up a realm of sensory stimulation and discovery through play – your child will delight in the natural world of sand and water when sailing these dinky watercraft.

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