Steerable bobsled, red

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Item number: 6771
Private Label option: Yes
Nordic Ecolabel
This toy is Nordic Eco-labelled.
Age group 12+ months
Recommended age group for this toy is 12+ months.
This toy can be hand-washed.
Plastic bag
This toy is packed in a plastic bag.
Strengthens social skills
Recommended for developing social skills
Builds confidence
Recommended for building confidence
Balance improving
Recommended for promoting balance
Hand-eye coordination
Recommended for improving hand-eye coordination
Physical Development
Recommended for physical skill development
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Stable, sturdy and steerable bobsled with a wide seat, steering wheel and brakes. It withstands bumps and high speeds on its way down the sledge run. Attach the brakes and steering wheel yourself. Detailed assembly instructions enclosed. It is fitted with a cord and handles so it is easy to pull along. Strengthens a child’s sense of balance and physical development. The steerable bobsled is made in Denmark out of a sustainable raw material and it is certified to carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.


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