Tiny Baby walker

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Item number: 6070
Private Label option: Yes
Age group 12+ months
Recommended age group for this toy is 12+ months.


A stable baby walker from the tiny range, ideal for playing and walking practice both indoors and out. The walker’s noise-reducing rubber wheels make it perfect for indoor use. Fashioned from robust materials, this walker can be taken outside to play with or use as a garden cart.   The walker keeps pace with the child’s development and provides extra support when they take their first few steps. It’s also perfect for filling with sand, water or anything else to be transported. Tips for playing: Lay out an obstacle course with the three cones from the walker’s packaging, then try to zigzag through without hitting the cones. The walker is a Danish-made toy from dantoy, crafted from Nordic Swan Eco-labelled plastic and comes in soothing, subdued tiny colours. This product is recommended for children aged 12+ months. Number of pieces in the set: 1 The walker from dantoy’s tiny range offers plenty of opportunity for physical development and at the same time strengthens walking, balance and motor skills.  


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Dantoy has designed a series of toys specifically for infants, allowing new parents to provide their babies with a clear conscience. The Tiny series focuses on play, learning, and sensory development, thus contributing to the baby's overall growth and development.
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