Classic Wheelbarrow

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Item number: 1821
Private Label option: Yes
Age group 2+ years
Recommended age group for this toy is 2+ years.
This toy can be hand-washed.
Rubber wheels
This toy is made with rubber wheels and is therefore quiet.
Promotes interaction
Recommended for promoting interaction between children and adults
Builds confidence
Recommended for building confidence
Balance improving
Recommended for promoting balance
Develops fine motor skills
Recommended for developing fine motor skills
Hand-eye coordination
Recommended for improving hand-eye coordination
Physical Development
Recommended for physical skill development
This set is of a size suitable for kindergartens and other institutions.
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Solid, quiet and stable wheelbarrow with 2 rubber wheels that don’t tilt. The wheelbarrow can carry up to 50 kg, creating great opportunities for the child to play and engage in physical activity, while strengthening their balance and coordination. The Classic wheelbarrow allows the child to help with practical jobs in the garden when leaves, soil or garden waste need to be wheeled about.  The wheelbarrow is produced by dantoy in Denmark, made of Nordic Eco-labelled plastic. Available in the traditional Classic colours. This product is recommended for children aged 2+ years. With dantoy's stable wheelbarrow, your child can help in the garden and improve their physical strength, balance and coordination.  


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